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In Partnership with NETSTAIRS®, we provide secured video conferencing, intelligent streaming, and group communications as a service. As a result, we innovated integrated multi-cast video, group communications & real-time collaboration through the use of web browser. We call it iBCC-PaaS (Interactive Broadcast, Collaboration, Communications Platform as a Service). Together, we offer cloud based Consulting and Technologies. Working with us is easy. Do-it-yourself or ask for White Glove service.


Interactive Broadcast, Collaboration and Communications.

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1140 Broadway 6thFloor New York City


WWhether you're looking to create a custom digital Corporate Network or connect specific areas of your Company, PlanetM.us Digital Media Rooms can add value through differentiation, growth, productivity gains, and more!.
Create your own next generation Educational Model. Connect Students, Faculty, Counselors, Parents, Administration, Educational Digital Content, Learning Management systems and more.
Tele-Medicine, The Connected Hospital, Tele-Consultation, Online Therapy, Elderly Care, Pharmacy Networks, Medical Training, Conventions, and more! We have the right Solution for you.
Digital Media Events--->
Broadcast your Events, and boost your Audience and Reach (including monetization!). Ideal for Conferences, Concerts, Seminars, TV Shows, Webinars, YouTubers, Influencers, Private Events (i.e.: Weddings), and much more!.
Choose from multiple methods of receiving television signals at multiple resolutions through a variety of media and social networks.
Livestreaming your fashion show is a must. Don't miss out on a huge opportunity that your competitors are going to pick up on.
Strean live, promote clubs, associations, athletes and more!.
Government-Smart Cities & IOT--->
An ideal step towards e-Government solutions. Consulate Networks, Trade Development, Public Security, Health Systems, Citizen Services, Regulators Municipalities, and more
80% of the world’s population by 2025 will be on some sort of Tele (-education, -health, -commerce, etc.), and IOT endpoints will average 4 per human! Our system can easily integrate with any IOT application in any format.
Investor Relations--->
Engage media, investors, analysts and employees worldwide with a feature-rich, interactive event and tell your company story in an engaging way. Our global OTT and live broadcasting solutions support your IR and communications programs with a dedicated team, focus on security and actionable analytics.
Combine unlimited IDMRs and create private Ecosystems, fully customized to your Business objectives and your Vision! Scalable. White-Label. Security. Digital Transformation that Works.
Operate your own OTT service and monetize your content with SVOD, TVOD and AVOD models. Get your OTT business off the ground with a trusted partner. We'll help you get there. Stream live events. Dedicated service support. Secure distribution. Expand into new markets.
Use innovative technology to deliver a wide range of financial products and services.
Digital Tours--->
Implement PlanetM.us tours, our digital tour services to allow potential customers and service providers including Educational Institutions and Universities to buy your product or service. Stream live from anywhere, in any device and in any platform.
Celebrities & Influencers--->
Master Celebrities and Influencers live streams. If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. If your brand is looking to partner with influencers and celebrities in a live stream collaboration, you can to do it on a private network or social platform of your choice by teaming-up with us.
Service clients and communicate with them in a secured and encrypted environment using the latest digital communications tools for full protection of their privacy.
Expand your business activities, reach a broader audience, differentiate! Ideal for Consultants, Auditors, Lawyers, Insurance Agents, Investment Advisors, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Sales, and more!.

Our Team

Carlos Vassallo
Carlos Vassallo
International Sales | Networker | Connector | Entrepreneur | AI | Visionary.
Marcelo Scarano
Marcelo Scarano
Electronic Engineer | AI | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | New Technologies.
Ahmad Moradi
Dr. Ahmad Moradi
Serial Entrepreneur, Investment Banking, M&A, Roll-up, LBO, & IPO, & focus on industries such as Interactive Video, WebRTC, Health IT, ICT, software, hardware, tech business, Hotels & global projects. I love the video & WebRTC space. 
Francesco Andreoli
Francesco Andreoli
ETH Engineer | Swiss Entrepreneur | Hackathon and Crypto Aficionado. 
Gaston Lieutier
Gaston Lieutier
Mechanical Engineer | IOT | Smart Cites | New Technologies. 
Richard Bakst
Richard Bakst
Electrical Engineer | Fintech Expert | Software and Trading Platforms
Ricardo Canchola
Ricardo Canchola
Digital Master | Entrepreneur | Performing Arts Visionary
Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith
COO | Entrepreneur | Chief People Officer
Facundo Rawson
Facundo Rawson
Business Development | Investment Banking

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"The idea of using technology to deliver arts education and experiences beyond our physical space has always been on the radar of the Dr. Phillips Center . This is especially meaningful for local, rural, and underserved communities."

Karen Rugerio
Director of Education Advancement and Outreach for Dr. Phillips Center
You did a phenomenal job streaming our CEOs Conference to Latin America. We had more than 10,000 viewers watching without a glitch. Thank you "

Julieta Caracoche, Country Manager, LatinVision
"We were able to connect with many potential candidates online over your Digital Media Rooms saving a lot of time and money. Until next time."

Alberto Prito, Owner, Bilingual Resources
"We love working with you and seeing you every year!. Thank you for your service and support."

Vivian Isaak, CEO, Magnum Global Group
""We love to how you our appreciations for everything you did to make our meeting a success. You always take the extra steps to make everyone happy."

Miguel Zablu, Owner, Slate NYC
"Thank you for helping us to set up our system. We are very happy to have found what we were looking for. We are looking forward to do it again. Have a great day!"

Ricardo Canchola, CEO, Interactive Academy

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