Feb 19, 11:52am
 Expanding Internationally Is Key: Latin America Is Offering Fantastic Opportunities
The world is quickly becoming economically integrated, forcing unprecedented changes at every level of industry. Foreign companies are becoming more competitive and gaining greater U.S. and global mar

By John Manzella. Many Companies Are Expanding Internationally at Rapid Rates—Others Don’t Know Where to Start

More and more companies have come to realize that they can no longer rely on the domestic market to generate growth into the twenty-first century. To strengthen their industry positions, companies in virtually every sector are taking steps to expand internationally through trade and investment. And those that are familiar with the global environment are expanding further.

Many companies, however, are unfamiliar with trade, the benefits and risks associated with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), or the Uruguay Round of the GATT. Thousands of companies have devoted valuable staff hours trying to unravel the complexities, but do not have the resources to sustain this effort. They need accurate information and sound analysis.

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